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Rob Kluba, Scott Maraball and Michael E. Labanowski of MELCO Enterprises (During the initial startup (2016-2018)) team up to create HARDBALL 360.

HARDBALL 360 is an adult baseball company that hosts events in professional, classic and historic baseball parks and fields around the country.

HARDBALL 360 takes adult baseball to the next level by playing at top notch facilities with great clubhouses, great services, professional-level fields, competitive baseball and deluxe accommodations.

HARDBALL 360 was formed to provide a better product at a better value for you, the player. Unlike many high-priced camps or events, HARDBALL 360 makes it affordable so you can enjoy a superior quality experience over and over again. HARDBALL 360 strives to feed your baseball passion.

HARDBALL 360 recognizes the need to give back and they support charitable endeavors in our towns and communities. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone could play ball?

HARDBALL 360 is all about you and your team. They’ll do what it takes to give you a great experience with great baseball at a great value.

HARDBALL 360, Inc.
3020 Hartley Road – Suite 100A
Jacksonville, FL 32257